LIFARS 2021 VIP Cyber Crime Mystery Thriller!

LIFARS 2021 VIP Cyber Crime Mystery Thriller!

LIFARS 2021 VIP Cyber Crime Mystery Thriller!

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This November, LIFARS invites you participate in our first virtual VIP Cyber Crime Mystery Thriller and 7th annual VIP Party!

Reunite with LIFARS, Alliance Partners, and your distinguished industry colleagues as we collaborate to solve the case of a major security breach.

LIFARS’ annual VIP Party is an opportunity to celebrate and re-connect with the InfoSec Community. LIFARS and Alliance Partners acknowledge the importance of staying connected as we endure strange times and a challenging cyber threat landscape.

Cyber Crime Mystery

In the technology space, there are those who would stop at nothing to gain total market domination. A social media giant is about to release their latest update—a complete overhaul of the software as it exists today. Word on Reddit is it will make all other social networks obsolete. The CEO has organized a massive VIP event as a diversion from the news-scandals surrounding the launch. Several employees (current & former) have voiced their discontent with the amount of money the CEO and his close group of “investors” will make with the software he stole from them. The VIP event is the perfect opportunity for anyone he’s crossed to take their revenge and expose the CEO.

Chatter on the dark web indicates someone named B_for_BigData installed back-doors into each of the social media platform’s data servers just a few weeks ago, and is requesting that everyone “remember, remember the 11th of November”—the same day as the big VIP party. The alleged backdoors have not yet been discovered. With the most sensitive data of over 300 million users on the line and an endless list of people whom the CEO has crossed, we’ll need all the help we can get to prevent the collateral damage implied by revenge against the CEO.

This is where our story begins…


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2021-11-09 @ 17:15 (GMT-0400) to
2021-11-09 @ 19:00 (GMT-0400)


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