Essential Steps For Planning and Executing Paid Media Campaigns For Products and Services From any Industry

Steps For Planning and Executing Paid Media Campaigns For Products and Services From Any Industry

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Many B2B organizations do not have a well-defined marketing strategy. B2B marketing strategies can be hard to get a handle on since reaching potential customers is very different from B2C ones. However all marketing is human to human

51% of companies don’t have a clear marketing strategy

68% struggle with getting enough quality B2B leads

79% of leads fail to convert into sales

80% of B2B buyers expect a B2C experience

Media planning is determining how, when, where, and why your business shares media content with your audience. The process includes deciding what media will be shared on what channels to boost reach, engagements, conversions, ROI, and more.

We believe it is important to identify the best fitted paid media platforms based on goods and services to be promoted.
For example  Linkedin Ads are a very effective tool when promoting cybersecurity services. While Tiktok short videos and Facebook Image and Video Ads as well as Twitter and Pinterest are effective when advertising wedding and party favors.

  • Learning more about products and #services to be advertised.
    Conducting competitive analysis
  • Identifying targeted advertising demographic area and industry.
    Identify why a customer would want to buy your #product and service
  • Define your objective.
    What is your purpose for using paid media – brand awareness, product launch, or to increase #sales?
    Choose advertising platform such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest and others
  • Creating new or updating existing landing pages if needed
  • Creating text ad copy, preparing
    set of keywords, design for image ads and editing #videos for video ads
  • Monitoring day to day effectiveness of the campaigns and/or individual ads, as well as making changes and updates as necessary…

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