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How To Build Your Business and Gain Followers Through LinkedIn

How to Increase Followers on Your LinkedIn Page: Tips and Tricks

Growing the following for your LinkedIn Page is one of the most valuable marketing objectives on the platform. Increasing this total can lead to greater organic reach and more robust audience insights. It’s a critical step toward building your community on LinkedIn.

How To Build Your Business and Gain Followers Through LinkedIn?

While your invitations are pending, continue growing your Page with these tips.

To grow Page followers on LinkedIn you’ll need to drive awareness of your Page and post great content.

Use these tips to accomplish both:

Post consistently throughout the week to provide value to your followers. Here are some ideas:

Share posts from Content Suggestions: Discover and share trending content with your target audience.

Ask questions in your post: Questions will help to spark conversation, which lead to more views.

Include video in your posts: Keep videos short, raw, and authentic to get the most engagement.

Share PowerPoints and PDFs: Documents help position your brand as a thought leader.

Re-share your Page’s best @mentions: Showcase the voice of employees, key leaders, and customers.

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React and comment on your Communities Hashtag feeds to get your Page in front of new audiences.

• Promote your LinkedIn Page by linking to it on other socialchannels.

• Tag other Pages or members with @mentions in your posts to engage your community.

• Switch up the hashtags in your communities panel to reach new audiences.

• Review your Page analytics to see what content resonates most with your audience.


Quick and Simple Steps.

Add the LinkedIn “Follow” button to your website.

Link to your Page in your email signatures, newsletters, and blogs

Activate Your People

When it comes to growing your brand on LinkedIn, your employees are among your biggest assets. To begin with, encourage all employees to keep their own profiles up-to-date, with your organization included in their work experience (it will automatically link to your LinkedIn Page).

There is a four-pronged blueprint we recommend for activating and elevating your employees on LinkedIn:

Re-share your employees’ best @mentions and LinkedIn content.
Notify employees of your most important Page posts to boost organic reach (up to 1x/day).
Personalize by recognizing team moments or employees with a shout-out from your Page.
Engage by fostering internal engagement through a trusted, employee-only community on LinkedIn via the My LinkedIn Company tab.


Join Conversations that Matter to Your Brand

Strong communities aren’t built through one-sided dialogues. To make your LinkedIn Page appear lively, interactive, and approachable, you’ll want to engage with others and help shape existing conversations on the platform. Community Hashtags present a simple way to do so.

You can choose up to three specific hashtags to associate with your Page, making it more discoverable for members interested in the hashtag. You’ll also be able to react to and comment on conversations taking place on the hashtag feeds from the perspective of your brand, carving a distinct point of view.

Another smart tactic, especially as your following grows more robust, is to find and host popular events related to your industry through LinkedIn Events. This creates opportunities for real-time interaction and engagement.



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