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Google Ads Best Practices - How to Make Your Products Stand Out and Drive Sales With a Limited Budget. If you need help with marketing and advertising contact 911CyberSecurity.com

Google Ads Best Practices – How to make your products stand out and drive sales on a tight budget

“People shopping across Google more than a billion times a day, and Google Ads generate 2 dollars for advertisers for every 1 dollar spent”

1) Set a Clear Objective and Budget. Each campaign begins by choosing a goal. This goal focuses your campaign on delivering a specific outcome. Prepare an advertising plan and create clear #goals. (Good tip for all paid media platforms)

2) Landing Page Optimizations. Create a relevant and optimized landing page. Send the user to a tailored landing page, rather than a homepage, so they don’t have to click around to find the content they are looking for. (Good tip for all paid media platforms)

3) Select Your Targeting. Targeting helps define how narrow or broad the audience for your ads can be. Without any targeting, your ads will have the widest possible reach. Common forms of targeting include keywords, audiences, locations, topics, devices, and remarketing. (Good tip for all paid media platforms)

4) Set Up Conversions. Conversion tracking can help you track the actions that you want customers to take on your website. They can significantly improve your ability to assess the effectiveness of your ads, targeting, and overall campaigns. (Good tip for all paid media platforms)

5) Performance Max Campaigns. PMC can deliver ads on every Google property via the complete automation of targeting and delivery based on data provided by the advertiser. Performance Max Campaigns will gradually start replacing Smart Shopping & Local campaigns (Google Ads)

Google Ads constantly innovates and it is important to keep up with the latest updates such as Performance Max.
How to Make products stand out on Google and drive sales
5 tips for creating effective Google ads with a limited budget

Upgrade your Smart Shopping and Local campaigns to Performance Max.

Boost online sales and in-store purchases before, during and after the upcoming holiday season by upgrading your campaigns as soon as you can. Using the upgrade tool, your campaign learnings and settings like goals, budget, creative assets and bid strategy will be carried over to maintain performance

These articles cover topics like creating an account, claiming your website, and uploading a logo to represent your business
  • Meet consumer expectations for convenience by using annotations. Shoppers are increasingly looking for great deals, fast delivery times and easy returns. Sale price, shipping and return annotations can help your ads stand out from the crowd.
  • Find new and valuable customers across channels using Customer Match. Performance Max learns from your existing customers to drive results faster. It helps you find similar customers and uncover new customer segments you may not have expected.
  • Identify relevant trends and get forward-looking insights on the Insights page. Demand forecasts show rising search interest for the products you sell. This can help you prepare budget, marketing and merchandising plans for moments of peak consumer demand.


Make your products stand out and drive more sales with Performance Max
The official guide to reaching more customers across their shopping journeys online and in-store.

Who is this guide for?

This guide is best for beginner and intermediate retail advertisers who have already set up their free product listings in Google Merchant Center and linked their account to Google Ads. If you still need to upload your products to Merchant Center, you can find more guidance here

 With people shopping across Google more than a billion times a day1, Shopping ads give you a chance to show your products and connect with consumers at key decision-making points in their shopping journey.

These articles cover topics like creating an account, claiming your website, and uploading a logo to represent your business

In this guide, you’ll learn how you can improve your Shopping ads creatives and optimize your campaigns to drive more sales across additional Google advertising channels and inventory.

1. Enhance your product feed to help your Shopping ads stand out
2. Show your ads to more shoppers as they browse across channels
3. Optimize your campaigns to drive more performance


Google Marketing Live 2022

Google Marketing Live is our annual event showcasing the latest innovations to help your business thrive. As consumer behavior changes, these updates can help you stay ahead of the latest trends.
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In case you missed it: Watch this session from Google Marketing Live 2022 to learn about the new ads and commerce innovations built to help you adapt to changing consumer shopping behaviors.

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to advertise on Google, don’t give up. There are many reasons why your Google Ads could be underperforming. But, first, let’s cover some standard Google Ads best practices.

  • Prepare an advertising plan and create clear SMART goals
  • Create a relevant and optimize your ad landing page.
  • Use Ad Extensions.
  • Measure and improve upon your strategy.
  • Use a PPC planning template.
  • Use negative keywords.
  • Avoid broad keyword terms.
  • Don’t run irrelevant ads
  • Improve your Quality Score (QS).
  • Automate the process. Maximize conversions by optimizing the bidding process. Use Smart Bidding

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If you want your Google Ads to produce qualified leads and customers, then check out these additional resources and use them as guidelines as you set up your Google Ads campaign.

Given its reach and authority, Google Ads should be a part of your paid strategy. Use the tips we covered to get started, and remember to refine and iterate as you go.

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